What Will Happen If Our Planet Temperature Rises 2 Degrees?

Only 2 degrees?  May not it seem like a lot?

Photo by Wesley Tengay

You may not care about the temperature fluctuates two-degree during the day. It calls the weather.  But our planet temperature and climate change refer to long term trends that cause extreme global problems. Nordhaus mentioned an increase in the global average temperature of 2°C (caused by man-made carbon dioxide) would change our climate in ways not seen for “the last several hundred thousand years.” And he predicted that, at the then-current rates, we were headed for “the danger zone” beyond 2°C around the year 2030.[1]

Not so many people find the information from experts and scientists easy to understand and why raising 2 degrees of Earth can affect seriously to us?

By simplifying how global warming could effect to each individual in practice:

Food in danger

Food is mainly coming from the ocean and plantation on land that is definitely sensitive to climate. Climate change affects directly to the ecosystems that provide food. For example, the vegetable, wheat, soy…growing up and harvesting depending on the weather, temperature and water. 2 degrees temperature rise threats a crop of wheat, rice and soy…and long term influences food production and food security. “More people and less food” The lack of natural protein food is getting serious because the ocean acidification caused by climate change makes thousands of species, oysters, crabs and corals extinct.

Land at risk and human in trouble

Many parts of different nations will be disappearing and lead to 40 percent of world population get in trouble by continuously raising sea levels. The hotter temperature can lead to destroying homes, cities and vanishing small islands and regions near the ocean. Countries at risk of disappearing due to climate change are Bangladesh, China, India, Indonesia, Vietnam and many small islands like Maldives, Marshall…

Extreme weather events such as storms, hurricanes, floods and extreme rainfall… get unpredictably harsher, weirder and persistent.

Human health is threatened by extreme heat event, disasters and pandemics. In addition, global warming results in increased air pollution which cause to many respiratory problems and infectious diseases.

We didn’t really get involved in mitigating climate change and take action every day. We also have solutions but require attention and individual support. Let’s stop human activities; habits have positive impact on the planet. Eat less meat, save food and energy, plant trees. Together we save our life and reduce the global temperature!

[1] https://www.popsci.com/what-happens-if-earth-gets-2-degrees-warmer/?con=TrueAnthem&dom=tw&lnk=TATW&src=SOC

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