Review “Climate Change from learning to action”​ United Nation Course

Are you caring about Global Warming? “

“Wasting electricity and wasting food are also the causes of climate change?” Thuy Tran

This is my certificate when I completed my Climate Change course from United Nations.

At the beginning of the study, I thought that l wanted to get to know about our living environment but this course changed my thoughts totally. I become responsible for the mother of nature and take action immediately to share with you. The interesting point is that I have discovered a lot of questions about the natural phenomena happening. Why sea water rises? Why the summer is getting so hot and the winter is extreme harsh? The epidemic occurs everywhere? The weather is weirder?

 All are answered by practical examples from our living habits, transportation and production every day.

Moreover, I was amazed by a test and an application called ClimateHero that checks how you are treating to the nature and living environment. You are the Hero protecting the Earth or the World Terminator? From there, you can adjust the lifestyle and habits to minimize the adverse impact on the environment. In addition, the course also contains scientific information and specific figures are studied by the experts of the United Nations.

This course consists of 6 chapters around the main themes including:

1.      What is climate change?

2.      How do we adapt to the negative impacts of climate change?

3.      What opportunities exist for a low carbon future?

4.      How do we plan and finance climate actions?

5.      How do climate negotiations work?

6.      How to solve climate change in practicality?

My helpful tips: Annotate difficult words and abbreviations, note important information and metrics, draw a mind-burning diagram for easy memorization and better test, and share your ideas in the action plan for the Environment on the learning platform…

Understand Global Warming and Climate Change! Be responsible and Take action right now!

Link to the course:

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