5 Benefits of learning a foreign language

If you know a foreign language, just like you will open a new door for your life.

Here there are 5 main reasons you should learn a new language right now:

Travel and friendship

Traveling was a dream of many people in the past and now the world becomes “smaller” than before. Currently, it is easier to go abroad thanks to the development of airline industry. Imagine if you get lost in another country, where you don’t speak the language. How is it inconvenient?  And if you know a foreign language as international language, it will be simple to travel on your own and discover all over the world. You can go anywhere you want; make friends with many different people without language barrier.

 New Culture

Learning a foreign language means learning a new culture, you will have chance to get to know the country, lifestyle, customs, local people and cuisine. The diversity enhances your life experience. Culture is extremely significant and interesting. Each nation has its own traditions and culture as the pride.

Study Oversea

Speaking a foreign language is a requirement if you want to study abroad or make an exchange, international internship. Studying abroad is wonderful experience as well as challenges for students to adapt to new environment. If you don’t have a good level of language, it takes a long time to get on well with new education systems, new friends and new living conditions.

Job and Future Career

In the integration of the world, international trade and foreign investments creates great job opportunities for citizens. However, the high competition of labor market requires workers have more essential skills and foreign language skill is definitely important. Be fluent in a foreign language such as English, Spanish, Chinese… you can expand job potentials and the opportunities to advance your career path. 

Brain Training

Learning a foreign language boosts brain power and memory is improved. When you keep studying on new language structure and grammar, you are exercising your brain. Moreover, your brain will have to work out to switch languages, remember vocabulary and rules. There are many studies demonstrate that people who know more than one language are likely to have less brain diseases. Your body needs exercises and your brain too.

So let’s start learning a new language which inspires you and which is more useful for you!

If you are interested to learn a new language, check our post:

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