Review Google Course: “Fundamentals of Digital Marketing”

“I have finished the Fundamental of Digital Marketing course created by Google, IAB Europe and The Open University. I am so excited to share a review. This is the most practical and useful one I’ve experienced.” Thuy Tran

Take a look at Google certificate:

Photo: My digital certificate after the course, Thuy Tran

You can examine the certificate by the link at the bottom of certificate and check ID

How is the course?

There are 26 modules covered all general terms of Digital Marketing: SEO, SEM, Search Consoles, Google Ads, Analytics, Keywords, CTR, E-commerce… and trending examples and case studies. The course focuses on the latest Marketing tools and analytics using successfully over the world. The mobile friendly term and content marketing are getting so popular in the era.

Suggesting of 40 hours of study this course; I finished in a week learning at home. You can apply almost tactics directly to my site and business.

Each module includes some topics and after finishing a topic, you have a small quiz to test your understanding. And at the end you need to pass 80% of the final test to get a certificate. In my opinion, it is not difficult to pass this exam if you pay attention to main points and common phrases.

Who should enroll this course?

It is a great idea for anyone who wants to learn something new, creates future opportunities or practices on their own business. You are a students or you have a website, blog or a small business? The level of the course is introductory so you are able to adapt fast.

Some terms and definitions are familiar and repeated for someone who learned business or marketing already. However, the way Google teaches by professionals is practical and interesting with real case studies.

How to apply?

Check this link and then sign up by your email, you can go immediately to the course:

Because of pandemic, schools, universities closed and go online. Then we can choose whatever we want to study and make it with motivation. Keep updated with the world!

Take advantage of lockdown time to improve myself or foster future business!

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