Study oversea? Why not Alicante, Spain?

More and more international students choose to study in Alicante.

Sunset in Alicante Harbour 2019

Photo by Thuy: Sunset in Alicante Harbor, Spain, 2019.

Alicante is the beautiful beach city, a province of eastern Spain. Every year, there are millions people coming here to travel and study Spanish. If you are walking at street, it is easy to catch up a foreigner walking around city, traveling and learning language at the same time. Significantly, Alicante is famous for whole year sunny weather, beautiful beach and historical city as well. Spanish people are extremely friendly and they often start a conversation warmly ¨Hola, que tal¨. And staying with Alicantian peoples helps you practice your language everyday easily.

Moreover, living prices are reasonable for students and that attracts many international students. Many supermarkets and local markets with local suppliers make the products and food available, natural and cheap. You can go to coffee shops with friends for hours and cost 1 – 2 EURO for a cup of coffee. And if you study at Proyecto Español, you can easily in 5 minutes walking reach city center, and 10 minutes to get the beach. Also, short and long term homestay with “student” price are offered. Don’t hesitate to choose Alicante to improve your Spanish and enjoy your vacation.

Published by Thuy Tran

Specialist In International Education Service, Content Marketer, Photographer

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