Top 3 online learning platforms offering free course and free certificate 2020

Due to Covid-19, online learning platforms and online courses of top universities become even more and more popular. However, which one is the best for financial support and quality?

  • 1. Coursera

Coursera is ranked on top on this field for practical use and popularity. Coursera has partnerships with 150 different universities and colleges all over the world to offer more than 2500 online courses with hundreds choices of topic.

On lockdown, Coursera provided over 115 courses for free and free certificate from around 50 universities, including:

University of Pennsylvania

Georgia Tech

Johns Hopkins



and Imperial College London

Link of course list:

It is easy for new learner to enroll, gain totally free certificate and adapt to online learning method before starting to pay and study with effort. The course often includes material, video, readings, assignment task, and review for peers and quiz. Friendly and flexible learning environment is the plus for this platform.

  • 2. edX

EdX is a non-profit organization often providing free courses on wide range of specialization. It partners with top Universities such as Harvard University to create many free courses during crisis of COVID19. Although almost courses are free, you should pay for the certificate with a discount; and if you can’t pay, you may ask for a Sponsorship and financial support directly from the web.

The platform is a bit more complicated than Coursera for the users. At first, you should be recommended to adapt to the system and the layout is not so friendly for first time. On the other hand they provide useful subtitles, materials and the high quality content with reputation of university.

To study and try a free course from Harvard University link below:

After enrolling by email, you will have access to Edx platform of learning and you will be asked for payment if you want to get a certificate. If you don’t choose after they will send you a discount.

  • 3. Google Digital Garage

Google gets extremely well-known for data analytics, webpage and digital marketing courses. They are professionals and experts from these fields. Hence, you will be able to learn the most practical and effective way. All theories are converted to an image, creative animation, real example and case studies that are Google strengths and competitive advantages. The friendly mobile site and process are easy to follow and bring great experience for learners of all age.

Google also offers a free course with free certificate namely “Fundamentals of Digital Marketing” Course that you can take a chance to join in. Never be disappointed by Google on trend and professional. However, the minus point for the platform is limited topic focus on almost IT, analytic, marketing.

If you would like to get into the review of “Fundamentals of Digital Marketing” Course, check link below:

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