Here are 5 tips to learn a new language effectively

Do you speak more than 2 languages?

You know how to learn a foreign language faster?

Obviously, speaking a foreign language brings many benefits and opportunities for learners because of globalization. Thanks to internet, learning language is becoming easier and faster. Before, students had to go to school or look for an academic and language center where taught this language. And even they could learn themselves by buying a book with audio and listening to radio. In this century, everyone can search for a language course learning from home. Thousands of online courses are available with hundreds of distinguished languages worldwide. However, many people are still confused about how to learn a foreign language effectively. There are 5 tips you should know before starting to learn a new language:

  • Choose a new language

How popular and useful this language is?

Choosing a language that you will use in the future is absolutely important. Why? Speaking foreign language need frequent practice. It isn’t your mother tongue! Everybody knows English is an international language that people speak all over the world. So which language you want to learn after English? There are 2 factors you should consider: How popular and how useful the language you will learn. For instance, you need to know Korean if you are going to study at university in Korea. Hence, Korean is more useful for your case even Korean is not popular as Chinese.

  •  Make a plan and goals

Learning a new language seems to be a long process. Make a clear timetable and objectives. For example, 6 hours learning per week and 3 month for a level… When you have a detailed plan, you will go step by step in order to reach your goals. Don’t forget to make a commitment to someone else and the punishment if you do not complete your target.

  • Find a partner

Having a partner or a friend to go together to the gym or learn languages is absolutely more motivated. You may join in Facebook groups or social network to find someone have the same hobbies and studying goals. Then you can make a discussion or homework after the class with a friend and it is much more interesting.  

  • Learn with an app, web or course

There are many apps and online courses are available now. Take a minute to search and enroll, you are ready to start learning. Duolingo, Busuu are common apps for free learning English, Spanish, Chinese, French, Russian, Korean, Arabic… and so on. Blog Thuy Tran also suggested many free and useful courses, you can check:

  • Language exchange

The best way to learn a language is practicing speaking. Thanks to internet, you can find a friend and connect with people from everywhere. Further, you can make an online language exchange with native speakers and practice speaking every language such as:

Language Exchange Community:

Open Language Exchange:

If you would like to suggest more tips, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below…

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