Review: “The strategy of content marketing” Course by University of California, Davis – Coursera

I have finished free online course: The strategy of content marketing. After the course, I got a right direction to upgrade my future career. I learned to define the goals and strategies for my own blog and content marketing. In addition, I realized that the importance of professional and personal brand. Thus I had my own brand and personal website.  And finally I discovered the content marketing strategy and content calendar. I also discussed with online classmate about the effective content and process.

This is my certificate:

By the platform Coursera, everyone can learn easily with the clear guide and learning timeline. After each week, students have to finish a quiz or an assignment with peers – review and get a result of 80% grade in order to achieve the certificate. During the pandemic, Coursera offers a free certificate upon the completion until the end of July 2020. The course has 5 main topics along with 5 weeks learning:

The content marketing ecosystem

The Strategic Context (The 7A Framework)

Mapping the Journey: Crafting a Content Marketing Strategy

The Strategic Types of Content

Managing Your Content

I totally recommend this course because of its practical and useful materials. Sonia Simone deserves to be popular for her content marketing strategy and her copyblogger.

 After the 5 weeks course, you are able to

  • Define content marketing and explain why it is important in today’s market.
  • Explain what content should be able to do and define the structure for effective content.
  • Build your professional brand by building or improving your personal website/portfolio.
  • Discuss and describe the editorial process for content and the importance of having a content calendar.

How to apply this online course?

Create an account and enroll below:


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