Spain: University Pathway for Vietnamese students

Do you want to study at university in Spain with blue beaches and a whole year sunshine? Step by step, prepare and start your journey! Today, we suggest a Spanish course for students before applying for university with a clear plan and guide.

PROYECTO ESPAÑOL – Language Shool for foreigners

Location: Alicante

Students at Proyecto Español, 2019


  • University of Alicante, in Alicante, Spain has many different faculties and courses, Master and Graduated courses…
  • University Miguel Hernandez, in Elche, Spain.
  • And there are many private universities and education centers in Spain.


  • Private school with small size class < 10 students
  • The cheapest language course compared to other schools in Alicante
  • International students, native teachers, studying and living with local people
  • Extracellular activities and language exchange
  • Support student Visa and procedures


  • After achieving sufficient level of B2 after studying at Proyecto Español, students may register for the University Exam Preparation Course. This course helps students choose the faculties and university; practice the entrance exams of 4 to 6 subjects, paperwork into the university…
  • There are large public Universities where the cost does not exceed EUR 3,000 per academic year.
  • All non-EU students must submit the homologation of their high school studies to the Spanish system.

*Note: Determining the student’s learning Plan creates favorable conditions to apply for a student visa. Therefore, each student can choose faculty and university to be well prepared for a visa interview oriented to the Studying Plan.

About this course and prices:

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