Review of “United Nations Online Volunteering” program

A review from a prominent United Nations volunteer

Samuel T. Afolabi

The United Nations recently offers online volunteering opportunities .Due to Covid 19 pandemic, thousands of volunteers including professionals, students, retirees and expatriates – are working online each day to boost meaningful actions toward sustainable development goals.

Samuel T. Afolabi, a UN volunteer from Nigeria has shared his own volunteering experience today. He is a UI/UX Designer who is currently studying Physiotherapy at Obafemi Awolowo University. He said: “As a UI/UX Designer, and a person that loves to see things get better, coming across a non-profit organization that requires my expertise is something of great joy.”

This is his Certificate of Appreciation from the organization with which he volunteered, acknowledging his hard work and achievements!

Obviously, the Covid19 outbreak has effected to student life and every corner in the world. Nevertheless, he thought: “I have had more time to make improvements in my UX skills, and do a bunch of online volunteering.”

To become a UN volunteer, it is essential to meet many requirements from the organization. However, it will help leverage the competitive advantages of volunteers after the program. Samuel T. Afolabi mentioned: “All I hoped for was to get chosen after I applied, and till this moment, I’m so glad I was. I ran into some little challenges in the course, but they really helped me to get better!”


“I would recommend UN online volunteering platform to anyone who seeks to make the world a better place, get better in his/her chosen career path, and improve his/her soft skills.” he commented.

Many students and young learners have to study from home during the pandemic. They may have much time to spend on what they are passionate and gain real experience to foster their future career. Volunteering is growing up and changing our world!

Thanks for sharing, Samuel T. Afolabi . Hopefully it inspires young generation connect and work together for “Better Tomorrow”.

Connect to Samuel T. Afolabi via LinkedIn:


If you would like to be apart of United Nation Volunteering and get information about UNV opportunity:

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