5 Life lessons learned from studying oversea

Studying abroad is a wonderful adventure in everyone’s life and its rewards are many lessons after dealing with hard moments and challenges in a new life.


Studying oversea, normally you feel lonely or homesick. Everyone is in the same boat during the first month in a new country. Being alone teaches you become opener and more adaptable to get out of your comfort zone and set up the second home. In fact, you may regret for spending less time with the family. Or you will miss your mom dishes, home country food and tastes. Then you tend to spend time on talking to family members via internet.

 Although new country and culture impressed you at the first month, you still miss your old friends and family members. You can’t wait to be back to your home with family and the conversations over the phone, via Skype is not enough.

Nevertheless, you will soon get on well with new friends and local people. New friends, who will fulfill your free time, write a new colorful chapter of your life.


Start to live independently in a new place; it is the chance to work out ¨finance management¨. It can be a challenge to make your own money by a part time job after the class. Common jobs of international students are working as a waiter/waitress in a restaurant or café, being a babysitter, working at supermarkets, stores and events…. That helps you earn your own money, experience and learn language faster.

You will remember the moment when you hold the first month salary on your hand. Understanding the value of money, you are likely to figure out your budget and savings. You are able to balance your weekly income and expenses. Thus learn to think twice before spending and ensure a financial plan and saving goals!


Yes, you may not understand the lecture during the first days in the class because the teacher speaks too fast. Even you have to borrow your classmate´s notes to check many times. You get trouble in learning process and exercises. For these cases, you learn to solve your problem in a variety of ways: get to know your new friends, actively meet with your teacher to ask for a doubt, stay in the library to read more and more…

In a new country, things will go wrong, or get totally opposite as the way you imagine. However, you still survive step by step to overcome them.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com


Cooking, cleaning, and buying small stuffs, repairing light bulbs and, water sink in the bathroom… now you are leader of your daily life. All your housework you never do, now it is belonging to your responsibility. Taking care of your own health and meals, you will learn how to cook, go to the supermarket and make the saving shopping options…etc.


Studying in a multicultural environment will make you get to know about different countries and culture. You are going to learn how to make a party at home, cook a typical food of local people, and get an invitation to birthday party of Turkish friend, go excursions with new friends and travel around… Moreover, you try the first trip travel alone to learn more about yourself, people, traditions and life diversity in the world. You realize how independent and mature you are.

Living and studying in a foreign country is extremely interesting and curious. You never regret about your decision and valuable experiences of studying abroad have gained. You desire to become new version ‘better YOU´ day by day.

Face to any difficulties, challenges and your fears!

Published by Thuy Tran

Specialist In International Education Service, Content Marketer, Photographer

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