Find a job in Spain for international students

You are preparing for studying in Spain and you are wondering about job opportunities for student?

Here are all things international students should know to find a job in Spain:


Before the pandemic, Spain has one of the highest levels of unemployment in Europe. Currently Spain is one of EU countries has been heavily affected by Covid19. The duration of 3 months lockdown has decreased totally Spanish economy. Even for local people it is very difficult to find a job. But it doesn’t seem to be impossible. Job vacancies for international students are still available such as teaching English, Au pair, working in restaurants, hotels, shops… If you are looking for graduate work, you will have more opportunities in the consulting, industry and IT sectors, that have all increased past years.

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Offline: Always bring a CV with you. Any place you go, you may see a note: Staff wanted

Online: Internet has a huge source of job available: fulltime, part time, volunteer, exchange… Start searching on:

  • – Free advertisements

Plus point: You are able to connect directly to person who posted this advertisement. With the rest of employment website in Spain you can’t do it. It is totally free and even you don’t need to create an account to search and apply for a job. There are 2 ways to connect immediately to the recruiter are email and mobile number which will be shown under each advertisement.

  • LinkedIn – Networking

LinkedIn now is trendy for networking in Spain and worldwide. Many recruiters are looking for right candidates via LinkedIn. Thus don’t forget to create your unique CV to stand out from the rest. You also can see who has viewed your profile and post your project or articles to get attention from the network. It is easy to connect to people and company you wish to get in touch.

  • Google

Google has “job searching” results. Just Google: job in (city, place)

  • Facebook

Facebook has its button namely “Jobs” which helps you seek to a job nearby or with different type of job… it is simple to use and look for job in just minute. By choosing your filter by city, type, area… you are able to find many recent work options available. 

  • Other popular websites:, InfoJobs, Indeed…


  • NIE number for foreigner and work permit: everyone outside the EU and Switzerland will need NIE number and valid work permit to work in Spain. So first you need to get NIE card from the foreigner’s department – police station. Students can work 20 hours per week.
  • Social security number: You need to register Social Security number from the national tax office to pay Spanish taxes.
  • Language: almost jobs require at least a basic level of Spanish. Better level of Spanish you have, more chances you have a job.


It is depending on the working condition and city. In general, they tend to pay 7 -10 euro per hour for students. In 2017, Employment and Social Security Ministry increased the minimum salary after tax to 707.60 euro per month or 23.59 euro perday. However, the students don’t have a right to work fulltime. For this reason, they could work and be paid by hour.

Yeah, that is all you should be ready for any working chance in Spain. Let’s make the first move by searching around and internet!

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