Thuy Tran – Founder

“Education is the base of success and development”

Thuy Tran

“Experience without theory is blind, but theory without experience is mere intellectual play.” Immanuel Kant

Thuy Tran is Vietnamese currently living and working in Spain. Over 5 years of experience in Europe, she is willing to accompany with the mission of supporting students, especially Vietnamese students integrate new education platform, international environment, volunteering and multicultural exchange.

Freelance writing, info graphic, creative content, news, highly persuasive post, SEO and trendy are her strengths. Besides, soft skills and public speaking are her competitive advantages.

4 years of diving into international education, course, exchange and volunteering; she worked at Proyecto Español Foreign Language school. At the same time, she has been working on creative content for BambooForAir specializes in green courses and climate change.

Completed a Bachelor of Business Administration from Staffordshire University, Invatut’s smart Marketing certificate, Exchange at Eramus + coaching programs in Spain and Lituania; Harvard World MUN, an online Digital Marketing course from the Google platform and Open University, and other courses at EDX platform, Coursera, UN-elearning, she is confident about sharing the educational environment, course, or useful, sincere and relevant advice.

Friendly writing, creative humor and the ability to use expensive words in Vietnamese, English and Spanish will surely bring new and attractive experience for young readers as well as potential customers.

​​Specializing in cooperation:

Translate 3 languages: English – Vietnamese – Spanish

Write blog posts, create content according to needs and specific trades

Create and manage web for small, family, personal businesses

Consult international courses, exchange and volunteering

Support students, tutor, test prep, prepare to study in English and Spanish

Email: blogthuytran@gmail.com

Whatsapp: +34 631142219

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