Free Course: Tricky American English Pronunciation – University of California, Irvine

Via Coursera You have learnt English for a long time and you still struggle with pronunciation? Many high school students and young learners worldwide don’t have chance to learn English and practice speaking with native speakers. In general, speaking is the most difficult skill for language learners. Here is one of the best American EnglishContinue reading “Free Course: Tricky American English Pronunciation – University of California, Irvine”

Find a job in Spain for international students

You are preparing for studying in Spain and you are wondering about job opportunities for student? Here are all things international students should know to find a job in Spain: JOB MARKET Before the pandemic, Spain has one of the highest levels of unemployment in Europe. Currently Spain is one of EU countries has beenContinue reading “Find a job in Spain for international students”

5 Life lessons learned from studying oversea

Studying abroad is a wonderful adventure in everyone’s life and its rewards are many lessons after dealing with hard moments and challenges in a new life. 1. YOU REALIZE THE IMPORTANCE OF FAMILY Studying oversea, normally you feel lonely or homesick. Everyone is in the same boat during the first month in a new country.Continue reading “5 Life lessons learned from studying oversea”

Review of “United Nations Online Volunteering” program

A review from a prominent United Nations volunteer Samuel T. Afolabi The United Nations recently offers online volunteering opportunities .Due to Covid 19 pandemic, thousands of volunteers including professionals, students, retirees and expatriates – are working online each day to boost meaningful actions toward sustainable development goals. Samuel T. Afolabi, a UN volunteer from NigeriaContinue reading “Review of “United Nations Online Volunteering” program”

Top Virtual Internships with Free Certificate 2020

InsideSherpa The COVID-19 pandemic has impacts on global educational systems, causing the closures of many schools and universities. Many young students are worried about their study plan and future career. After all, students must adapt to new learning methods in any situation even if global pandemic of Covid 19 could last up to 2 years,Continue reading “Top Virtual Internships with Free Certificate 2020”

Spain: University Pathway for Vietnamese students

Do you want to study at university in Spain with blue beaches and a whole year sunshine? Step by step, prepare and start your journey! Today, we suggest a Spanish course for students before applying for university with a clear plan and guide. PROYECTO ESPAÑOL – Language Shool for foreigners Location: Alicante COOPERATION WITH PUBLICContinue reading “Spain: University Pathway for Vietnamese students”

United States Institute of Peace offers 12 Free Online Courses with Certificates

The United States Institute of Peace is an American federal institution working upon promoting conflict resolution and preventing the conflict worldwide with headquarters in Washington D.C. Institute of Peace is offering its entire catalog of online courses tuition-free from now until the end of 2020. After the course, learners can advance their skills to preventContinue reading “United States Institute of Peace offers 12 Free Online Courses with Certificates”

5 Must Know Tips for studying abroad in Spain

You are preparing to study oversea? You are interested in Spanish Culture? This post discloses real and deep experience of international student life in Spain. Hope it helpful for everyone new to this country. It may make your long trip in Spain become smoother. International students, welcome to Spain! WEATHER AND CULTURE When you moveContinue reading “5 Must Know Tips for studying abroad in Spain”

How to write a formal email

Nowadays, email is the most common form of business communication. It plays an important role in modern life. For instance, an email to recruiters or academics, a persuasive email to potential customers or business partners… so on. Why is it important to write a formal email? Because the recipients such as the company, recruiter, professor,Continue reading “How to write a formal email”

United Nations – Online Volunteering Opportunity

Are you looking for an online volunteering program during the pandemic? Do you desire to contribute your effort to peace and sustainable human development? The United Nations Volunteers programme offers online volunteering opportunities for individuals anywhere in the world, from any device. Like the rest of the UN’s efforts, this programme aims to promote theContinue reading “United Nations – Online Volunteering Opportunity”