Study oversea? Why not Alicante, Spain?

More and more international students choose to study in Alicante. Photo by Thuy: Sunset in Alicante Harbor, Spain, 2019. Alicante is the beautiful beach city, a province of eastern Spain. Every year, there are millions people coming here to travel and study Spanish. If you are walking at street, it is easy to catch upContinue reading “Study oversea? Why not Alicante, Spain?”

Review “Climate Change from learning to action”​ United Nation Course

“Are you caring about Global Warming? “ “Wasting electricity and wasting food are also the causes of climate change?” Thuy Tran This is my certificate when I completed my Climate Change course from United Nations. At the beginning of the study, I thought that l wanted to get to know about our living environment but thisContinue reading “Review “Climate Change from learning to action”​ United Nation Course”

What Will Happen If Our Planet Temperature Rises 2 Degrees?

Only 2 degrees?  May not it seem like a lot? You may not care about the temperature fluctuates two-degree during the day. It calls the weather.  But our planet temperature and climate change refer to long term trends that cause extreme global problems. Nordhaus mentioned an increase in the global average temperature of 2°C (causedContinue reading “What Will Happen If Our Planet Temperature Rises 2 Degrees?”

5 Benefits of learning a foreign language

If you know a foreign language, just like you will open a new door for your life. Here there are 5 main reasons you should learn a new language right now: Travel and friendship Traveling was a dream of many people in the past and now the world becomes “smaller” than before. Currently, it isContinue reading “5 Benefits of learning a foreign language”