Find a job in Spain for international students

You are preparing for studying in Spain and you are wondering about job opportunities for student? Here are all things international students should know to find a job in Spain: JOB MARKET Before the pandemic, Spain has one of the highest levels of unemployment in Europe. Currently Spain is one of EU countries has beenContinue reading “Find a job in Spain for international students”

5 Life lessons learned from studying oversea

Studying abroad is a wonderful adventure in everyone’s life and its rewards are many lessons after dealing with hard moments and challenges in a new life. 1. YOU REALIZE THE IMPORTANCE OF FAMILY Studying oversea, normally you feel lonely or homesick. Everyone is in the same boat during the first month in a new country.Continue reading “5 Life lessons learned from studying oversea”

Spain: University Pathway for Vietnamese students

Do you want to study at university in Spain with blue beaches and a whole year sunshine? Step by step, prepare and start your journey! Today, we suggest a Spanish course for students before applying for university with a clear plan and guide. PROYECTO ESPAÑOL – Language Shool for foreigners Location: Alicante COOPERATION WITH PUBLICContinue reading “Spain: University Pathway for Vietnamese students”

5 Must Know Tips for studying abroad in Spain

You are preparing to study oversea? You are interested in Spanish Culture? This post discloses real and deep experience of international student life in Spain. Hope it helpful for everyone new to this country. It may make your long trip in Spain become smoother. International students, welcome to Spain! WEATHER AND CULTURE When you moveContinue reading “5 Must Know Tips for studying abroad in Spain”

How to write a formal email

Nowadays, email is the most common form of business communication. It plays an important role in modern life. For instance, an email to recruiters or academics, a persuasive email to potential customers or business partners… so on. Why is it important to write a formal email? Because the recipients such as the company, recruiter, professor,Continue reading “How to write a formal email”

Here are 5 tips to learn a new language effectively

Do you speak more than 2 languages? You know how to learn a foreign language faster? Obviously, speaking a foreign language brings many benefits and opportunities for learners because of globalization. Thanks to internet, learning language is becoming easier and faster. Before, students had to go to school or look for an academic and languageContinue reading “Here are 5 tips to learn a new language effectively”

Diving and Surfing Services – Research Analysis in Vietnam

Analyze Diving and Surfing Market in Vietnam by using Porter’s Five Forces Analyze Real conditions in Vietnam by using Porter’s Five Forces a. Market place and analysis Nowadays, Vietnam has known as an attractive destination for travelers over the world. The Telegraph website quoted a new report from the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) as theContinue reading “Diving and Surfing Services – Research Analysis in Vietnam”

How to deal with difficult customers in restaurant sector and service field in general?

#customer #restaurant #strategy #service #experience Profits of restaurant, business, and service come from clients obviously. However, many workers and servicers still think their salaries are from the owners, employers or managers. They forget that customer especially loyal one is paying their living costs. Without clients, any kind of business does not work. No customer, noContinue reading “How to deal with difficult customers in restaurant sector and service field in general?”

Study oversea? Why not Alicante, Spain?

More and more international students choose to study in Alicante. Photo by Thuy: Sunset in Alicante Harbor, Spain, 2019. Alicante is the beautiful beach city, a province of eastern Spain. Every year, there are millions people coming here to travel and study Spanish. If you are walking at street, it is easy to catch upContinue reading “Study oversea? Why not Alicante, Spain?”

What Will Happen If Our Planet Temperature Rises 2 Degrees?

Only 2 degrees?  May not it seem like a lot? You may not care about the temperature fluctuates two-degree during the day. It calls the weather.  But our planet temperature and climate change refer to long term trends that cause extreme global problems. Nordhaus mentioned an increase in the global average temperature of 2°C (causedContinue reading “What Will Happen If Our Planet Temperature Rises 2 Degrees?”