Find a job in Spain for international students

You are preparing for studying in Spain and you are wondering about job opportunities for student? Here are all things international students should know to find a job in Spain: JOB MARKET Before the pandemic, Spain has one of the highest levels of unemployment in Europe. Currently Spain is one of EU countries has beenContinue reading “Find a job in Spain for international students”

Spain: University Pathway for Vietnamese students

Do you want to study at university in Spain with blue beaches and a whole year sunshine? Step by step, prepare and start your journey! Today, we suggest a Spanish course for students before applying for university with a clear plan and guide. PROYECTO ESPAƑOL – Language Shool for foreigners Location: Alicante COOPERATION WITH PUBLICContinue reading “Spain: University Pathway for Vietnamese students”

5 Must Know Tips for studying abroad in Spain

You are preparing to study oversea? You are interested in Spanish Culture? This post discloses real and deep experience of international student life in Spain. Hope it helpful for everyone new to this country. It may make your long trip in Spain become smoother. International students, welcome to Spain! WEATHER AND CULTURE When you moveContinue reading “5 Must Know Tips for studying abroad in Spain”